Behind the Chaos





As an artist, it is extremely complicated to come up with the perfect words to describe your own artwork so bare with me, please. I am now on canvas four of my chaos series (lucky number 4,)  so let's give it a try: 

The Chaos series is about finding myself as an artist in the confused world we live in, in 2017. There is chaos happening within my body and mind and also, throughout parts of the world. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and madmen controlling our destiny are thoughts I fight in my subconscious as I prepare for my day job as a nanny of four boys in the Silicon Valley. Why & how is an artist/nanny living in one of the most expensive places in the world you may ask? Ambition, a positive mindset and understanding the cost of opportunity. At the end of my day in the quiet of the night, I become in tune with my higher self, my creative conscious.  When creating this chaos series of abstract pieces, I find a moment of solitude and clarity.  Although there is chaos, I am still able to create, I still have the choice to dream big and have a mind of abundance, positivity, and prosperity. I have hands and feet and legs that can walk perfectly fine. I have the ability to influence the world in a positive light. Like Anne Frank said, "How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world?" Through the work of creative expression, I believe I can design beautiful masterpieces in places, spaces, and minds that have never before seen one.

My wish to you is... 

When there is chaos may you find peace in the medium of expression of your choice. May this series fuel your mind with ambition, strength, and creativity to build a life exactly as you desire. 



With Love, Ro.

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