How To: Start a Vlog

Posted by Kristin Royal on


Becoming a vlogger in 2018 has never been easier! I did it and I already have 13 episodes out in two months. I am going to take you through the step by step process of what it takes to create your own vlog. 

Step 1: Get a good quality camera, here are some suggestions I recommend.

- Digital Camera with Close Up Lense:

- IPhone X (This is what I use):

Step 2: Create your YouTube Channel

Step 3: Film A Vlog

Here are some different accessories that I use to help the filming process look more professional. Such has a tripod, stabilizer, and lighting! (OH MAN IS LIGHTING SO VERY IMPORTANT!) If people cannot see you, they are not going to watch your vlog. Use these helpful items when filming:

- Stabilizer:

- Ring Light:

- Tripod:

Step 4: Edit Vlog

Step 5: Upload Vlog

Step 6: Promote Your Vlog

Step 7: Keep going! 

Step 8: Monetize $$$

You can literally check out my ridiculous vlogs below I will share a link. Honestly, I advise each and every one of you to create a vlog. LITERALLY ABOUT ANYTHING. If you do, hashtag the #AROYALMASTERPIECE challenge so I can see you vlogs! 



With Love, Ro.